What we can do for you


Carry out repairs, replace broken parts and upgrade Hard Drive CPU's   Graphic cards   Motherboards   RAM  etc


Virus, Malware removal and Data recovery

Removal of harmful Virus, Malware, Adware etc and implementing anti virus softwares to prevent reoccurances. Data recovery,  documents and images recovered from corrupt and damaged drives

Speed up and computer optimisation

Add additional Solid State Drive (SSD), and additional Hard Drive (HDD), migrate operating software decreasing boot time by upto 5 times, programs load faster, plus increased storage capacity

Gaming builds, Simulation rigs and VR

Bespoke Gaming and Graphic Computer builds, enhanced VR Experience, liquid cooling, lighting. Virtual Reality (VR) setups, and Simulation rigs

Website design, E-commerce and web system development

Static and dynamic web design, bespoke graphic design and website builds to your instructions. Small business system programs. E-commerce advice and implementation of secure website and payment solutions

Active Directory

Organise and maintain data on a small local area network ie Account Management (setting up new accounts for new employees and removing accounts from previous employees) aswell as implementing network policies which allow certain accounts access to more sensitive data and denying those who do not have clearance.


Who we are

Our team includes an IT Graduate, undergradute and college student, with 30 years experience of designing, building, operating computers both on a personal and business basis. Development of business software programs and e-commerce web development


One more thing

We are commited to offer the best possible service. Our goal is to build a trusting and loyal relationship with you the customer

We can arrange for collection collection of your hardware and drop off in the Ainsdale, Birkdale, Crosby, Freshfield, Formby, and Maghull.